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Quickly And Easily Reduce Your Lighting Bill With A T8 to T5 Adaptor

Are you looking for a cheap and easy way to reduce your energy consumption and save money in the process?

There is now a fantastic retrofit lighting solution available which will enable you to do just this!

A T8 to T5 adaptor is a high frequency ECG device which allows you to change your inefficient and outdated T12 & T8 fluorescent lamps to the new energy saving & environmentally friendly T5 lamp, without changing the existing fitting.

The T5 is a very efficient sleek 16mm light tube, providing excellent quality of light with a lifespan of well over 20,000 hours and energy savings up to 65%!

It is environmentally friendly, containing 38% less glass with only a very small amount of mercury compared to the old T12 and T8 fluorescent tubes.

The lengths, the connections and the ballast used are all different types and sizes.

Up until now the only choice available to owners of T8 fluorescent fittings wanting to upgrade to the more efficient T5 fluorescent tubes has been to completely remove the existing T8 fittings and install T5 fittings.

This, as you can imagine, is a very costly process but now there is another solution that makes a lot more sense!

The T8 to T5 adaptor is designed to bridge the gap between T8/T12 fixtures and the shorter T5 tube and incorporates it's very own brand new type of high frequency ballast called an Electronic Control Gear (ECG).

The ECG is designed to work specifically with T5 fluorescent light tubes ensuring maximum efficiency.

Some of the benefits of a T8 to T5 adaptor are as follows:

45% to 65% Energy Saving

50% reduction in Maintenance Costs

40% reduction in CO2 emissions

Full BS Standards - EMC & EMF compliant

The T8 to T5 adaptor comes in the following sizes:

2 ft. ( 600mm) 14w

3 ft. ( 910mm) 21w

4 ft. (1210mm) 28w

5 ft. (1320mm) 35w

6 ft. (1820mm) 42w

8 ft. (2420mm) 56w

This simple but brilliant lighting solution can be used to retrofit car parks, schools, hospitals, offices and any number of public buildings and slash energy bills.

The costs to install such a solution are relatively low and payback on the initial investment can often be achieved with 18 months!

Is it an especially attractive option for companies and organisations with a tight budget who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint!

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